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DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin

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The DJI Ronin is an exciting new 3-axis stabilization gimbal that is very easy to set up and very easy to use. With the DJI Ronin filmmakers and videographers don’t have to spend too much time anymore setting up or calibrating their stabilizer and once the gimbal is built, you can be ready to shoot even in a few minutes.


The DJI Ronin is solidly and professionally built to operate in any situation and is capable of flying any type of camera up to 16lbs, meaning you can use it with your DSLR or with your Red Epic alike. It is built using aluminum and it doesn’t have any loose cables like some other 3 axis gimbals.


The DJI Ronin features 3 very powerful electric motors that will allow you to walk, run, walk up the stairs with your camera and still get a steady shot. You will even be able to experiment with shots that would not have been possible without it. With the Ronin, steady shots from car to car will be possible without a car mount.


The DJI Ronin’s functionalities and system configurations are accessible through the DJI Assistant App that can be downloaded on your smart phone or with the PC Assistant, a software that runs on a PC.


There’s 3 main operation modes you can use with the DJI Ronin. Switching from mode to mode is very easy and doesn’t require any changes in the settings.


In the “Underslung Mode” the camera will be held anywhere from chest level to the ground. The handle will be on top of where the camera is balanced.


In the “Upright Mode”, the camera will be balanced on top of the handle bar and the camera will be positioned at the operator’s eye-level or higher. This would be ideal for crowd shots or if you want to shoot out of a car’s sunroof.


In the “Briefcase Mode” when the operator needs to fit in a very tight space such as a doorway. The camera will be balanced on the side of the operator and the gimbal will be held just like you’d hold a briefcase.

Finally, using a remote transmitter, a 2nd operator can pan, tilt and roll the camera according to the shot’s needs.